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1. Information of CVL NAD Benefits for SNDT Women's University Students
  Student NAD registration link : https://cvl.nad.co.in/NAD/uidStudentReg.action?activePage=regactuidStudentReg  
2. Press Release Regarding Exam Results - 2018 
3. Revised Circular of Answer Book Submission Letter Bachelor of Education Examination Held in Feb 2018
4. Circular for Nomenclature of the post of Controller of Examinations
5. Circular for the Live Webcast of 66th Annual Convocation
6. Live Webcast Proforma for 66th Annual Convocation
7. The Specifications of Link for Live Webcast of 66th Annual Convocation
8. Circular for 66th Convocation
9. Information about 66th Annual Convocation of the University 
10. Circular for Degree/Diploma Certificate for the academic year 2015-16
11 Application Form for Degree/Diploma Certificate for the academic year 2015-16
12. Proforma for Remitting Conv. Fees
13. Circular for OLD Course B.Sc. H.sc. Exam Sem IV of Subject Code : 2219 Postponed to 23/4/2016  
14. B.Sc.(H.Sc.) Centre list
15. Circular no.6864 dt.29.03.2016 with form no-a/b/c/d for answer books submission to courier M/s.Ahok Airways
  1. Download Form No. A
  2. Download Form No. B
  3. Download Form No. C
  4. Download Form No. D
17. Circular no.6845 dt. 22.03.2016 and the list of NEW e-mail addresses of University units / staff of the
Examinations Section.
18. Information about 65th Annual Convocation of the University
19. Circular for Re - examination of Master of Arts Geography Sem III Fresh / Repeater
(Special Exam for Sports participant)
20. Circular for Postponement of the B.Com.Sem-III Examinations (Subject-300444)
21. Circular for Postponement of P.G. Dip. in Dietetics (Repeater) Semester - I Examination
22. Circular for Postponement of P.G. Dip. in Dietetics (Fresh) (New Course) Semester - I Examination 
23. Circular for Postponement of P.G. Dip. in F.S. & E.M. (Repeater) Semester - I Examination
24. Circular for B.SC. Sem.-III
25. Circular for B.Sc.(H.Sc) Additional Seat Numbers  
26. Additional Seat Number for B.Sc.(H.Sc.) Semester III, IV, V & VI (Fresh & Repeater) Oct 2015
27. B.Sc(H.Sc.) Hall Ticket Oct 2015
28. Form No A & B
29. Form No C & D
30. Circular for UG programmes for online submission of exam forms
31. Circular for B.C.A. Sem-V (Old Course - 75/25 Pattern)
32. Circular for post graduate degree and diploma programmes online submission of examination forms and payment of fees for the exam held in the month of oct/nov/dec, 2015  
33. Circular for Bachelor of Arts Semester III Resechudled (Fresh and Repeater)
34. A.T.K.T.Rules Circular No.187
35. A.T.K.T.Rules Circular No.1849
36. 10 point Grade Scale System for various grades of passing for SNDTWU
37. Implementation of 10 Point Grade Scale System in the university