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• The main objecctive of the chair is to provide
   well-equipped Centres of learning to intellectuals,
   academicians and students to undertake studies and
   research with an intention to understand, assess and
   disseminate ideas and thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

• The research studies and research areas particularly are
   on subjects like Economics, Political Science, Religion,
   Philosophy, Constitutional Studies, Education, Social
   Work, Human Rights as well as other disciplines
   considered relevant for attainment of our National Goal of
   Social Justice.

• In each of these disciplines the focus of research and
   teaching will be the study of deprived sections of Indian

• In achieving this objective, the Chairs will also undertake
  research and higher studies concerning the socio
  economic and cultural life of the marginalized groups and
  other weaker sections of the society.

• The Chairs would strive to develop appropriate
   methodologies to translate Dr. Ambedkar’s ideas into
   practical propositions and policy instruments.


- Broadly the Chairs shall serve as Centres of learning and   research not only on the subjects concerning   
  Dr.Ambedkar’s Ideology and Philosophy but also on the   issues concerning the socio-economic and cultural life of   Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, Backward   Classes and other Weaker Sections of the Society.

- In pursuance of these objectives, the Chairs will
  undertake research for understanding an disseminating
  the ideas of Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar.

- These objectives shall be achieved not only by conducting
  research and teaching, but also by organizing Seminars,
  Symposia, Workshop and other similar academic activites.

Contact :
+91-22-22031879; Ext No. 1215

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair,
SNDT Women’s University,
Mumbai – 400020
Head of Department
Prof. Kisan S. Ingole

• Ph.D Programme on Dr. Ambedkar Thoughts in
   Interdisciplinary subject
• M. Phil Programme on Dr. Ambedkar Thoughts in
   Interdisciplinary subjects
• PG Diploma Course in Ambedkar Thoughts

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Kisan S. Ingole